Wednesday, May 16, 2012

East Side, West Side, All Around the Town

This Wednesday we'd like to present you with a little tossed salad of photographs collected over the past several months. They're the kind of moments that are so small and so brief that without a camera you might not consciously remember them, but at bedtime you'd have some indefinable notion that you'd had a really enjoyable day.

Above, Jean and Valerie at the New Museum, in a darkened room, on a multiple screen near the ceiling, wearing the upside-down goggles.

Have you seen this woman?
If so, please notify us. We want her coat.

Photo of fabulous femme fatale...

...flogging frankly phallic phials.

This woman flouts the unwritten law about invading others' space in tight places, but we sympathize and empathize for obvious reasons.

The Empire State Building, wrapped in fog. You can barely make out part of the pinnacle rising above the corona of light.

Debra Rapoport, larger than life on the streets of New York, demonstrating that money can't buy style.

We LOVE it that we have YOUNG readers. So many younger people have complimented us on what we wear, and say 'young people have no style'. Well, sometimes that's true, but sometimes it isn't. Three cases in point:

This woman definitely has style! We hope you can see her marvelous beehive hairdo. And she's wearing Eamz ("aims") sandals by United Nude. Check out the heel. The shoe is named in honor of Charles and Ray Eames.

And this student at Parsons has great style. LOVE that hair color!

This lady has great style too, and they're all completely different!

This gent has knee length dreads. Talk about dedication! Isn't he great?!

We often get to see film production trailers on the streets. Film crews are very tight lipped, and won't give away so much as whether they're filming a movie or a tv show. Note the pink and blue signs on the doors that say 'Lucy' and 'Desi'. Parts of Mr. and Mrs. Smith were filmed just blocks away from here. That time, the Lucy and Desi signs read 'Mrs. Smith' and 'Mr. Smith'. If only we'd known!

Great hair style!

Construction sites are often eyesores, but here it looks like someone got a hold of a bucket of paint from Franz Kline's studio and painted this barrier with a sense of civic pride.

A locksmith's threshold. Subtle, wry, easy to miss, and so charming.

A full moon peeks out from behind a building.

And a little full moon music to close with. This video pre-dates MTV, so cut it a bit of slack, and focus on the great sounds. Love that last line...

Warren Zevon - Werewolves of London by PigLips


  1. Looks like a great few months! I'm really curious about those trailers now...

  2. I just found your blog and am loving it! What I love most is that it emanates appreciation and fun rather than judgments and criticism. I am bookmarking this blog!

  3. It's not Franz Kline.... You mean Yves Klein, he is the one that did the blue thing.....Franz did black and white...just sayin'