Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Can You Use Kim Kardashian and Idiosyncratic Fashionistas in the Same Sentence?


Recently there's been so much we want to post that (as we have frequently repeated lately) we've fallen far behind, and wonderful niblets of information are piling up on our computers. So we agreed that we should try doing mid-week postings of things that catch our eye(s), but aren't necessarily boffo enough to be part of the Sunday posting.

We could call them Tidbits, or Snacks, or By the Ways or Midweek Supplements (that has quite a ring to it) or Entr'actes or Interludes or something. We'll have a better idea what to christen these things in weeks to come as we do more of them.

In the meantime, here, hopefully, is the first of many unscheduled Midweek Supplements to come.

But back to the story at hand....


OMG! As you can see, we are on Kim Kardashian's blog!

The picture above is a print screen we lifted off her blog. Click here to link to Kim Kardashian’s blog itself, so you can see the real thing.

Ari Seth Cohen of Advanced Style wrote a week ago to tell us ('cause it's his video!), and we're so behind we're just getting around to telling you today.

I hope I'm like this when I'm older, she writes. (We hope she is, too.)

OK - it only looks like she's talking about us - really she's referring to all of the fabulous women of a certain age who appear in the video. But still... We ARE on Kim Kardashian's blog!

Are we famous yet? (Nah... Not till we pay for our first two Porsches - in cash!)

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