Monday, September 7, 2009

Play With Your Clothes - Get Your Ducks in a Row

Jean says: Get your ducks in a row! I manufacture excuses to incorporate a set of vintage '50s plastic duckie diaper pins (about $15 from the Pier Antiques Show) into my normally black/grey wardrobe palette. Nothing shouts corporate compliance like pink duckies, I always say. (With yellow wings & blue eyes & beaks, the pink duckies cover all of the infant gender bases.) Valerie persuaded me to further this wardrobe leitmotif by strongly recommending my recent Topshop purchase of pink socks with yellow duckies. Stay tuned for reports of future duckie outings!

Valerie adds: The first time Jean wore these, also on this shirt, she'd lined them up half on the left, half on the right, so from a distance they looked a bit like military braid on a jacket. The juxtaposition of the military precision and the smiling duckies was priceless!


  1. Hello gals,
    so glad to meet you in person at the CK party last night! I got a couple of great photos of you.

    my monkey spied you again at Barneys, thanks I found the Wool and the gang knit thing!

  2. Hello Valerie and Jean. I was the young lady who asked to take a photo of you lovely ladies last night at Barneys, or maybe that doesn't narrow it down because I'm sure tons of people wanted photos of you two haha. Well here's a URL to the pic I took :). Stay fabulous.