Wednesday, November 18, 2015


Did you know that National Public Radio produces a series called The Changing Lives of Women, and that you can listen to it on line anytime on

We think you'll be both entertained and edified by this series, which originated in 2013.  This year the series focuses on ageing, so we wanted to share it with you.

The latest addition to the series is an interview with Anne Bernays, 85 year old author of ten novels, writing teacher at Harvard, and, according to the podcast, thrower of "weekly cocktail parties in her apartment high above the Charles River".  (How could we not love her for the cocktail parties alone, even if we don't attend them?)  As the podcast opens, she describes marking her great grandmother-hood by dyeing her white hair "eye-stabbing blue".  In the six minute piece, she covers a wide range of topics from invisibility to sex, and to widowhood after sixty years of marriage.

Click on the arrow below to listen to the podcast.  BUT...

Don't stop there!

Click on the link provided on the first line because the podcast is accompanied by an article with more thoughts from Ms. Bernays, as well as previous Changing Lives features.  For starters, you'd probably like to take a look at For Women, Income Inequality Continues Into Retirement and, on a topic near and dear to us all, If the Shoe Fits: The Rise of the Stylish Comfort Shoe.

We hope you enjoy the various features.  We're very grateful to NPR for creating the series, and to WNYC for running it.

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