Sunday, April 13, 2014

Stephen Petronio 30th Anniversary Gala!

Last Wednesday evening, we attended Stephen Petronio Dance Company's 30th anniversary gala. Outside, George and JR pose outside the theater as we gathered everyone together and divvied up tickets.

Inside, just before the show, we tried to photograph this woman's fabulous coat, but there was just too much going on (Valerie spotted Valerie Steele, and Jean spotted Harold Koda) and it was impossible to get a good shot.

But not to worry.  We borrowed a better picture off the Moschino website so you'd have a better idea why we (politely) stalked this lady.  Wantwantwant!!!

Choreographer Stephen Petronio premiered his newest piece, "Locomotor", featuring costumes by fashion designer Narciso Rodriguez.

This sketch from narciscoblog shows the costumes.  Both the costumes and guest artist Melissa Toogood (of Merce Cunningham fame) received rave reviews in the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal.

The Dumpling Diva, Marja Samsom, and Nancy Ng were part of our posse that evening. Nancy is on the Board of Directors for H.T. Chen and Dancers, which is having its celebration in Chinatown on April 25th. For more information on that event and the company, click here.

We reconnected with PR guru Joe Yang (whom we'd met at the recent ENK Coterie show at the Javits Center) and Petronio dancer Nick Sciscione. Loved Nick's ombre'd tee, not to mention the "guns".

Dancer extraordinaire and Assistant to the Artistic Director Gino Grenek.  Loved his leather harness and cuff.

Dancer Julian Deleon and his friend.

Dancer Emily Stone.

Dancer Joshua Tuason in marvelous spatter tee, Narciso Rodriguez and the designer's lovely companion for the evening.

Dancer Jaqlin Medlock and her arm candy.

Dancer Davalois Fearon in a fabulous dress that only a dancer could do justice to and Executive Director Laurie Uprichard, formerly of Danspace and the Dublin Dance Festival.

Michael Volpe, aka "Clams Casino", composed the music for Locomotor. Turns out he is also Stephen's cousin.

Artist Kirsten Hawthorne was part of our entourage that evening. Loved her Lafont glasses with metalwork frame.

The Flack contingent: Stephen's husband, Jean-Marc, with his parents, Ronald and Daniele, and his cousin Lee.

Stephen times two!

Realtor and traveler Gene Fein in a shocking pink worthy of Schiaparelli.

We last met Montgomery Frazier and Ben at FIT's Elegance in the Age of Crisis opening night party.

Board member Jill Brienza.

Cesar Abreau is also a dancer, just not for Stephen's company.

The ladies Flack: Clare is on the Board of Directors for the company. Daniele is her mom and her cousin Lee is an author ("Passions and Scandals" published by Xlibris).

Guests Blake and Nicholas.

On the steps of Spice Market, our Meatpacking District party venue, Stephen thanks three members of his Board of Directors, seen here, and the rest of his team, off camera.

Let us give you another look at that fabulous plaid suit, seen from behind.

Spice Market's hors d'oeuvres, cocktails and desserts were superb. Each guest received a signed print of a sketch by Stephen as they left the event.

BONUS PHOTO: The Wall Street Journal covered the party and posted our photo first among a series. Of course, we loved it.

What we're wearing:

Jean is wearing: vintage Norma Kamali black crepe dress from Thriftwares at the recent Manhattan Vintage show; Ignatius leopard hat; vintage bakelite earrings from recent Pier Show; vintage bakelite spiked necklace, bracelets and rings from Jean's "vault"; Alexander Wang purse from Beacon's Closet; Jean's own customized DIY Dansko clogs.

Valerie is wearing:
Unlabeled vintage hat, plastic check earrings, black index and thumbprint necklace by Peter Lane Clay,  faceted buffalo horn ring, vintage Sonia Rykiel pinstripe suit, Express shirt, J Crew spectator flats.


  1. Looks like a grand night out, with some delightful dancer eye-candy ;) I am drooling a little over the plaid suit, and you two look soooo dashing in vintage Kamali and pinstripes.

  2. Dancers! Dancers! Dancers! And the two of you in marvelous hats! My day is complete.