Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Guys and Dolls ... and Dogs at the Easter Parade

The fact is - Easter is just easier for women. So many things are not, but Easter IS. So we wanted to give the gents their due for more than holding their own in making Easter a visual feast. Last week we showed you a small sampling, but this week the spotlight is on Easter MEN.  And a few Easter pups.

Gregory wins for sheer dashing vintage style, and the way he slyly incorporates the Easter theme in his cane is just genius!

This gent took a different tack.  Like Gregory, he's a natty dresser, but has added the Easter theme in a completely different way.

And in yet another variation on the Easter theme, men in their Sunday best, in traditional Easter colors and carrying traditional Easter baskets (filled with golden eggs, which they gave out to children).  James Aguiar, dandy & stylist (in pink), and his partner in crime never fail to delight!

This gent is doing a Bogart-like trench coat and fedora, has added an insouciant scarf and finished it with a pocket handkerchief standing at attention.

Another dapper gent in period dress.

If the Blues Brothers wore plaid…

And on the other end of the spectrum, Ariel Krupnick demonstrates the plaid suit on acid (the suit, not Ariel).  Not convinced?  Check out the shoes.  They're trippin'!

They are the eggmen … (so are we the walrus?)

And surely the prize for most mind boggling costume goes to this man.  We never managed to get a good picture of him because there couldn't have been a larger throng around him if he'd been Angelina Jolie.  We know the logistics in wearing costumes, and we want to know things like how long did it take to make, what is it made of, how much did it weigh, did he need a separate apartment to have enough space to work on it, who helped him put it on, how long did that take, which piece did he put on last, and the biggest mystery of all: HOW IN HEAVEN'S NAME DID HE FIT IN A TAXI?

We often see this gorgeous couple around town and invariably, they look incredibly chic in vintage clothing that looks terrific and really fits them well.  We ran into her after the Easter Parade at The Modern.

Designer and milliner Gretchen Fenston and musician and man-about-town Roddy Caravella wore beautifully tailored color-coordinated vintage outfits.  Gretchen wears a hat of her own design.

On an entirely different note, this gent opted for a pink goatee and Mona Lisa tie, something you don't see every day. He carried it off with aplomb.

Valerie photo-bombed Jean's shot of the inimitable Ben, decked out in a Union-Jack themed outfit and white boots.

These two dandies' outfits riffed on the color green. The green top hat with the Wedgewood-tyle white detailing really caught our eye.

This foursome did a great job designing and executing outfits in a coordinated pastel palette.

One of our favorite photographers elected to wear a floral-encrusted top hat. He always sports unusual top hats designed and created by his wife.

Anthony Maxwell vogued with Jean in a hat of his own design before rejoining his equally elaborately turned out friends. You might remember him from our last Fashion Week posting. He accessorized Katya Leonovich's runway show.

This fabulous Easter trio accompanied Anthony down the avenue.

Not only did this intrepid owner design matching white brocade top hats, but also added entirely matching ties and white suits.

Nothing says Easter like matching Micky Mouse ears, we always say.

Hope you enjoyed our coverage of the parade.  Can't wait until next year!


  1. koo koo ka choo! A magical mystery tour indeed! xxoo

  2. Let's Hear It For the Boys!! Wow, these men really brought their game on to the parade - I love the two in the pink and green patterned suits, the wedgewood decorated hat, and Ben and Ariel Krupnick's whole outfits. Gretchen and Roddy should get a prize for the the most elegantly turned out couple.