Sunday, September 2, 2012

Silver Foxes 2012 (The Idiosyncratic Fashionistas' Edition)

Hard to believe it's been more than a year since we did our last posting celebrating gray hair. We've collected another suite of pictures since then, and would like to share them with you. (Oh - and we also had our THIRD anniversary last month! Thank you to everyone who makes this possible, and makes it FUN!)

Earlier today, we were sitting on a bench, surreptitiously getting ready to feed a squirrel, when this very sweet young man told us we looked adorable and asked to take our picture. When we pulled our usual routine - and asked him to take one of us with our camera - he sweetly obliged.

Here s the first of our cavalcade of "silver foxes": Roberta (with glorious hair, glorious hair band, green vest and fabulous cuffed white shirt) handles her iPhone as if she'd been born with it in her hand.

We loved this woman's minimalist look. She probably takes five minutes to get dressed, and still looks great.

How about this insouciant gray pompadour?

A study in white, with black accessories. She said she hadn't even realized it till we pointed it out. Some things just come naturally to some people!

Doesn't this woman look terrific? Love her great short cut and big pink sunglasses. Spotted on the 14th Street Crosstown Bus just a few weeks ago.

We met Beatrice at the Yayoi Kusama opening reception at the Whitney Museum in July.

We recently met this wonderfully chic lady on 50th Street and Park Avenue. When we gave her our card, we jokingly said we did a fashion blog for "women of a certain age" and that she should give our card to her mother. We gasped when she told us her age. Needless to say, she looks much younger. It was a very hot evening, and she managed to look as cool as a cucumber.

We complimented her on her terrific sandals, which she said were produced by a women's cooperative in Africa with which she was associated.

We ran into this happy pair in the East Village a few weeks ago. They had just seen Tommy Lee Jones and Meryl Streep in "Hope Springs". Although they both introduced themselves to us, we can only remember the name of the lady on the right (Blossom). Apologies, ladies, but we're old.

Jackets and pants in these '80s cuts are hard to come by these days. So are they vintage? And does that mean she can still get into them thirty years later? Way cool! (Oh, and isn't her hair gorgeous?)

Wonderful gray-haired troika. When growing out her own hair, Valerie envisioned the look on the left. Proof positive that visualization exercises don't always work. (And don't say she didn't try hard enough. Five years of visualization IS hard enough and long enough. LOL!)

Sadly, our beloved gallery gen closed this summer (though it will continue to operate in another form). Before its closure, they held one of their usual stylish soirees on Mulberry Street in Soho. This very chic woman was surprised when we wanted to photograph her. We have to own our fabulousness!

Some people, even when they look great, look like they just threw something together. This woman looks like she chose everything very carefully - both when she bought them, and when she coordinated them that day. She looks like she loves everything she has on. Love her self-possessed pose with thumbs in waistband - her own idea.

This being the Labor Day weekend, we feel a bit odd showing the next few shots of women in coats, but we're showing all our silver fox photos in one batch.

The lady above is all coordinated in black and turquoise.

Although her long pile velvet coat has that great vintage look, this lovely lady said it was contemporary. Notice the coordinated socks and hair ribbon. She was also wearing huge amber beads.

Daring hat, daring color! (Extra points if you can spot Jean in the background.)

Work that hat! Work that hair! A perfect study in black and white contrasts.

Hope you enjoyed our collage of fabulous older women who are out there living the dream!

What we're wearing:

Jean is wearing: black and white striped tunic by BCBG Max Azria; long skirt by Lilith; black leather bag from Holt Renfrew (from a trip to Montreal about 8 years ago); hat by Ignatius; vintage jewelry (black and white plastic necklace, black metal earrings with white polka dots; black and white plastic and bakelite bangles and rings); Underground creepers.

Valerie, who appears to be sucking on a lemon, is wearing an Issey Miyake vest, Pleats Please shirt, Betsey Johnson pants, and Melissa plastic sandals.


  1. This makes me want to age faster! :o)

  2. I'm loving all the short & sassy haircuts, especially the pompadour, which I think I could pull off. Wonderful inspiration for when I'm finally ready to embrace the grey!

  3. I love these silver hair pictures - I'm in the club.

  4. The silver foxes are so gorgeous that I'm beginning to realize that a change is in sight. Perhaps it's just around the corner.

  5. I'm in the visualization stage, so the comment about Valerie was poignant. I too envision myself with glorious white hair, or maybe steely gray with a swath of platinum, but so far all I'm getting is grey-ish, a little heavy on the ish. But the minimal maintenance is lovely and I'm wiling to keep trying.

    You and the ladies are wonderful. Enjoy your week!!

  6. Minimum maintenance, authenticity and generally suiting my skin tones best is why I rock my grey hair. It is still darker in the back than in the front, but catching up nicely.

    I was hoping to go white, but it is not likely after 10 years.