Wednesday, September 12, 2012

NY Fashion Week Concept Korea Runway Show

On the first day of Fashion Week, we were lucky enough to be invited to attend the runway show at Lincoln Center for Concept Korea, a collective of five different Korean designers. We wanted to give you a glimpse into the experience of being at a Fashion Week event.

After check in, we then joined the crowd lining up to get into the show. We probably stood on line for about twenty minutes (that's a lot, for our feet), and made us wonder if the wait is even longer for the household names of fashion.

When we entered the space, we quickly jockeyed for position behind the phalanx of photographers who had already staked out the prime real estate directly in front of the stage.

Once the lights went down and the show began, many of the photographers who had been sitting on the floor in front of us stood up, blocking most of the view of the stage. It was eerie to see the live image and the electronic images simultaneously displayed on the camera screens. Ever resourceful, we quickly found new positions from which to view the show.

Each of the Martha Graham dancers wore a tee-shirt embellished by one of the five designers.

The fashion show itself started with a video projected onto a large overhead screen.

Pictured are the five designers (Cres. E. Dim's Hong Bum Kim, Son Jung Wan, Lie Sang Bong, KYE's Kathleen Hanhee Kye, and Choi Bo Ko) coming...

and going.

Once the show began, models emerged from the rear of the main stage and then walked to the two-tiered stage of their particular designer. Here is a shot of the line-up of CRES. E DIM. models. Our more musically inclined readers may recognize the musical reference: Cres. E Dim. = crescendo e diminuendo.

At the end of the show, the designer himself, Hong Bum Kim, stopped to have his photograph taken with us. Later, we were interviewed by several reporters and video crews about what we thought of the show and the designers. We were happy to say we were favorably impressed by the designs, the colors, textures and fabrics.

Here are the models wearing the designs of Son Jung Wan.

This peplum top and draped pants are one of our favorite outfits in this collection which had the most subdued colors and most feminine silhouettes in the show.

We got to say a brief hello to Son Jung Wan herself. She appears on the left, next to Dr. Young Yang Chung, one of Korea's foremost embroidery artists.

In direct contrast, CHOIBOKO's collection was very colorful and multi-patterned. (Valerie wants those tights!)

We loved designer Choi Bo Ko's traditional head gear. Here he is being interviewed by the Korean National Broadcast System.

Here's a better shot of his hat and jacket.

Perhaps the edgiest of the five, Kathleen Hanhee Kye's KYE collection had some very interesting pieces, from head to toe, so to speak, starting with the peaked knit cap. One of which had bright red tassels covering the brow, and at least two others were covered with little veils in a tongue in cheek touch. The model on the far left had leather leg suspenders to match her tan boots. The two models directly to her left have matching pleated leg garters, one below the knee and the other above.

Leather and knit harnesses on the models in the middle and right and the patterned leggings and tights and platform shoes were interesting details, especially when paired with modest mini-Peter Pan collared blouses. (Jean wants those tights.)

Lie Sang Bong's color-blocked designs looked like the young working woman's dream. Here's what we read in his biography: "Known around the world as the “Korean McQueen,” Lie Sang Bong has been featured in numerous publications including Le Figaro, Telegraph, the New York Times, Vogue, Vanity Fair, Oyster, Standard, and W Magazine. Lie has dressed world-renowned celebrities including BeyoncĂ©, Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Peaches, Lindsay Lohan, and Juliette Binoche", as well as the first lady of Korea.

Loved this pair of shoes, which were right at eye level during the show.

In 2004, Dr. Young Yang Chung founded the Chung Young Yang Embroidery Museum at Sookmyung Women's University in Seoul, Korea and has written several books on the topic. She looks great whenever we run into her.

Loved Dr. Chung's top, by another Korean designer. Here's the rear view, which really shows the textural design.

Hollywood stylist Phillip Bloch also made the scene in his signature cap and suspenders. His client list includes stars and celebrities like Halle Berry, Nicole Kidman, Salma Hayak and Jennifer Lopez.

And here's the grande dame herself, Fern Mallis, who oversees the entire Fashion Week event. She came to the show and stayed to be interviewed.

What we're wearing:

Valerie: Flea market earrings, diaphanous black shirt by H&M, vest by Issey Miyake, pants by Oska, shoes by Melissa.

Jean: Urban Outfitters' turban; Kyodan jacket; Ronan Chen pants (from Rosebud); Rick Owens shirt; Underground creepers; Illesteva Frida glasses; vintage Victorian gutta percha chain necklace; vintage multi-colored bakelite bangles and rings; black leather body bag (from street vendor); & black and white polka dot shiborii bag from MOMA.

Stay tuned for additional fashion week adventures!


  1. How exciting! I love that peplum ensemble as well, and the shoes.

  2. I will be living vicariously through you and your fashion week adventures. LOVED the flash mob fashion show that Ari organized! I'm drooling over Choi Bo Ko's striped tights.

  3. Wow Beautiful~!!! But I love designer Katheleenkye's style too. Where's kye? I can't see the stage picture...

  4. Very exciting to be invited to this show of extraordinary designs! So fun to see the Martha Graham dancers at the beginning of the show. I also like the thought of having bright red tassels covering my brow.