Tuesday, May 31, 2016

A Current Affair: Vintage Show in Industry City, Brooklyn

"A Current Affair" is an amalgamation of 80 West Coast and East Coast vintage vendors which returned to Industry City in Brooklyn, NY on May 21 and 22, 2016. Since Valerie was otherwise engaged for the entire weekend writing an esoteric article for an esoteric magazine, Jean was left to her own devices for the weekend. Needless to say, she had lots to look at and to tempt her, so she went to the show on both days. To help you keep things straight, she wore the red African pirnt Amy Downs turban (above) on Saturday and a black Henrik Vibskov bowler on Sunday. Housing Works had strategically placed furniture for sale in curated seating arrangements scattered throughout the space, of which this beautifully shaped art deco chair is a prime example.

This wonderfully shaped yellow hat was in New York vendor Joe Sundlie's Vintedge booth.

New/Found's booth contained this outrageous pair of green suede and gold leather platform lace-ups.

Thriftwares' beach umbrella patterned skirt was eye-catching.

How glam is this red vintage number from Guermantes?

New Yorker Andrea Levy never fails to please. This wire and glass necklace and bracelet set by Issey Miyake in her Lofty Vintage was Jean's favorite item in the entire show.

Screaming Mimi's is an institution in the East Village. This beaded camisole top was outstanding.

The print on Portia and Manny's long stretch knit dress by Cheryl was intriguing.

Here's a closeup of the figures on the fabric.

Liz herself modeled this Plantation by Issey Miyake coat with an interesting neckline in The Goods by Liz Baca booth.

At the other end of the Issey Miyake spectrum is Morphew Concept's sleeveless yellow and green midi-dress with Miyake's signature pleating.

A 1940s ivory and maroon cotton day dress with matching tie belt in Dallas vendor Woodland Farms' booth was extremely well-priced at $145.

Sharing the same space was another Dallas company -- The Lush Life -- which had vintage dice earrings and 2 large square dice cuffs, one in white and one in black. If the bracelets hadn't been made for a small-wristed person, Jean would have scooped them up in a heart beat. (Waaah.)

A special shout out to Algy_b, whom we first met at a Pier Show a few years ago and run into quite often at these events!  She is now designing her own line of jewelry. Her tree of life pin was in Nomad Vintage's booth.

Scout from Los Angeles is one of Jean's favorites and she loved this classic Hiro and Malee coat from I. Magnin. Here is the front view.

And here is what it looks like from the back.

Jane Yoo's hand-painted bag from Vintage Martini was beautiful and functional.

New York's andARCHIVE had this gauzy Comme des Garcons jacket with a woven inset back treatment.

Vintage Le Monde had his wrap coat with a whimsical print.

Here is a close-up of the print.

Vintage Nomad's mannequin had a gauzy pleated embroidered ivory dress, green cape and green bird necklace.


Jean often stops by Joe Sundlie's intriguing shop called Vintedge in the Showplace Antique Center at 40 West 25th Street in NY.

Jean ran into Heidi Rosenau, whom we often feature because no one wears vintage better than she.

Check out this stylish trio enjoying the show.

Lana Turner showed up, looking smashing, as usual.

The ever-dapper Daniel doffed his tuxedo to try on a vintage suit that fit him quite well.

Vintage vendors Amanda Dolan and Megan Colby of Spark Pretty took the proverbial "busman's holiday" and came to the show.

On Sunday, Jean ran into Zondra Foxx who didn't let a little thing like a recent fall and dislocated shoulder prevent her from checking out the show.

Liz Baca and Mike and Boo Boo and friends posed for the camera.

Perhaps the best dressed vendor award goes to these two gents from James Veloria.  (That's James on the left.)

"Talk to the hand."  Jean ran into Tziporah Salamon on Saturday -- and again the next day.  She was having a blast.

A Current Affair will be in Los Angeles on September 24th and 25th. If you're in LA, go to the show!


  1. James Veloria StudioJune 3, 2016 at 8:55 AM

    Hi love! Thanks for the best dressed award! Our store name actually comes from us both left to right... Collin James and Brandon Veloria. xo

  2. HOLY GUACAMOLE - I WANT IT ALL! Having never been to A Current Affair, I had no idea of the amazingness. How lovely to see Liz Baca and darling BooBoo.

    I would like the yellow and blue hat, the Hiro Coat, the Comme des Garcons jacket and the Issey Miyake dress please!

    So sorry the dice bracelets were too small, they scream "JEAN!!"

  3. Looks like an amazing show. And I love the Amy Downs turban!