Sunday, August 9, 2015



We saw this fantastic mural painted on a wall, and because it's too hot to work or travel or dress up, to say nothing of doing a thought-provoking post, we decided it would be a low budget way to have fun if we could photograph ourselves in front of it.   It's a huge mural, so we're going to do a slow reveal.

Here we are, peaceful, law-abiding citizens, threatened by the reappearance after all these years of Godzilla!  (You can tell it's lower Manhattan by the Freedom Tower behind him.)

But wait!  As if that weren't enough, Gamera, the giant turtle, is menacing midtown Manhattan.  (You can tell by the Empire State Building.)

In our first moments of terror, we are nearly overcome by the powers of evil.  (Double click for better effect.)

But in a flash we gather our wits, and fight the enemy on his own terms, save the city, and live happily ever after.  (Yes, double click here too.)

We have to thank the beautiful, talented and very good natured director/milliner Camilla, who happened by this afternoon just as we were about to start working on this project.  Camilla asked if she could photograph our hats, and before she knew it, we had roped her into taking a dozen of us in return for as many photos as she wanted, on a different background.  She has a GREAT eye, and saved us at least an hour of labor we would have needed to set up our tripod and camera timer.

And most of all, thanks to Ichibantei Japanese restaurant (that's their name in the center of the mural), which put up this hilarious story in glorious technicolor, when they could have put up nothing, or mere dull advertising.  KUDOS to you, Ichibantei!


  1. We who love New York are grateful for your efforts to save the city from painted monsters! Great posing, and kudos to your photographer for her patience and direction.

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE. Serendipity in the heat. A brilliant collaboration. More please. :-)

  3. Fabulous photos!! Love you are so creative!