Thursday, June 11, 2015

A Tea Party Full of Mad Hatters!

On a recent Friday afternoon, Carol Markel (aka Femme et Fleur) and Debra Rapoport threw a tea party to celebrate the fact that Judith Boyd (aka The Style Crone) and Jean Barrett (aka Dross into Gold) were both visiting Manhattan at the same time.  Judith posed with us (above) and Carol posed with jewelry designer Diana Gabriel (below) who has made several appearances on our blog, most recently at the Easter Parade.  Notably absent was Lynn Dell who was hospitalized after a fall and who was in all of our thoughts and prayers.  We postponed blogging about the tea party in order to report on Lynn's death and memorial service.

Since we'd never previously met Jean Barrett, we were extremely grateful for the unique opportunity to meet and get to know her while surrounded by lots of our friends who also enjoy and read her blog.  One of the best and unanticipated byproduct of writing this blog is the unique opportunity to connect with other bloggers.  Jean wore the most interesting black knit hat.

Judith models her new hat, designed and constructed by Carol.

Nonnie Balcer wore a black wig that beautifully emphasized her eyes.

Our second hostess, Debra Rappoport, reunites with her partner in crime.

Composer Stan Satlin and artist Richard Cramer hung out in the living room -- near the delicious buffet table.

Jean times two!

Elke Kuhn made a fashion statement in black, white and red, with a vintage wooden handbag.

Absolutely loved the vibrant shade of red of Elke's straw hat.  Check out that serious hat pin!

An added bonus was the fact that Jean brought a the most attractive and accomplished friend, Feda Eid, who is a talented photographer and blogger . Unfortunately, since the party started at 4 PM on a Friday, while we were still working, we missed several of the early birds who had come and gone before we got to the soiree. Click here for Feda's terrific coverage and amazing photographs of the tea party and all of the attendees.

Another treat was the opportunity to meet Jeff, Judith's beau who accompanied her from Denver on her Big Apple trip.  What a sweetheart!

Carol, who is already a triple-threat (painter, jewelry designer and milliner) has added a fourth talent to her growing portfolio: dress design.  She's holding a swatch of one of her latest fabric designs.

Here is Carol's painting that inspired the fabric design.

Richard impishly modeled Jean Barrett's hat, to everyone's amusement.

Stan and Debra made the most adorable exit, waving and air-kissing us goodbye!  As with so many good things, the party ended all too soon. These wonderful moments are something we'll cherish and remember for a long time to come. Carol and Debra -- Merci beaucoup for throwing the most wonderful tea party!

Adios, amigas!


  1. are fabulous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  2. I love how you included never-seen-before shots of this oh-so-fabulous event!! The pic of Richard in the hat is priceless, very Henry VIII. I'm so glad we met, and really hope that in the future we'll have more time to converse. I love making new friends and you guys are the BOMB. :-)

  3. Beautiful people. Your young friend's blog is a praise to the art of dressing. I hope there were still a few pieces of these pastries when you came in, they seemed delicious!!

  4. Fun and fabulous post of an event that I'm reliving through your photos and commentary. Beautiful people, inside and out and so many wonderful accessories. Is it legal to have this much fun?