Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Good / Day / Black / Rock

We're having technical difficulties (what? again?!), so rather than risk black circles under our eyes, we're just going to tempt you with a fun photo tonight and ask you to come back tomorrow night.  Same old bats time, same old bats channel.  (Did you get the camp TV reference?  Write and tell us what we stole it from - oh, sorry, what we sampled it from.)

We thought it would be fun to dress alllllll in black (right down to our black lipstick and black lip bags) and then stand in front of the new stark white Thomas Houseago sculptures (called Masks: Pentagon) up at Rockefeller Center.  Waddya know.  It was ... a structure with a large mask on each of its 5 sides!  But more on that after we've each spoken with our respective tech geniuses.

Can't tell if the lipstick is black?  Yeah, well, that's the price one pays for forgoing those collagen injections.

Enough of this frivolity ... and now, off to get our beauty sleep!


  1. When I look at the larger version of this photo, your lipstick looks more purple-ish than black. Love those black lip bags, and the different silhouettes you're wearing. Black is still the New Black!

  2. Some laughter and an everlasting devotion to the Black.

  3. Ladies you look fabulous..and i guess you watched the original Batman show too..