Sunday, June 1, 2014

Silver Foxes: The Long and the Short of It

When we are out and about and run into other women of a certain age who have let their hair go grey or silver, we often ask to take their picture and save them for special posts like this one. Periodically, we reach a critical mass of photographs and gather them together into a post we like to call "Silver Foxes"! The recent Easter Parade was a wellspring of opportunity producing shots of many of the ladies in today's post, but by no means our only source. Our current edition includes shades ranging from dark gunmetal grey to snowy white and lengths ranging below the shoulder to close-cropped. We've arranged them from longest to shortest. Hope you enjoy.

Our first great looking lady, whom we met at the Easter Parade, had long, straight hair with the longest lengths in the deepest shade of grey verging on gunmetal, and the newest growth around her face coming in considerably lighter (more salt than pepper) which highlighted her face and smile. Her grey top, with contrasting scarf, accentuates her coloring.

Our second entry also sported long salt and pepper hair that she accented with black framed sunglasses and all-black-and-grey wardrobe.

Love this perfectly trimmed pony tail with insouciant hat.

This woman in front of Jadite Gallery has her long hair pulled back in a bun.

This woman's bangs and mid-length cut show off her showy white hair. Her green patterned scarf adds just the right jot of color.

The secret handshake!  Valerie got on the train and locked eyes with this woman, in from Santa Fe to visit her daughter.  Without a moment's hesitation we both started complimenting each other.  The train was rocking, so the photo is not quite in focus, but she looks great anyway.  Compliment a stranger!  Make somebody's day!

Another lady's parted mid-length light grey hair looked almost platinum in the bright Easter afternoon sun. Her black framed dark sunglasses and black dress provide a great backdrop to her silvery locks.

This woman, whom we met in front of Barney's, has very thick hair, and came up with the perfect haircut for it.

Ulli Hamer, by contrast, has straight hair.  Her hair style has some longish hair and some really short hair, just perfect for her bone structure and hair texture.  Ulli speaks very little English (she's from the former East Germany), but was very amenable to having her photograph taken on Madison Avenue recently.  She and her husband Ralph Penz are both artists, and had an opening several weeks ago at Jadite Gallery.  Ulli paints a lot of her own clothes.

We went to see Yoko Zaikawa's collection of avant garde hats last week (that's Yoko on the right, wearing one of her creations), and while there we met Seiko, who has the most marvelous spiky salt and pepper 'do.

This woman's side-parted short hair cut with understated earrings and white neck wrap is chic and sporty.  She also opted for a black and white look. It wasn't until Jean was sizing it for this post that she realized this photo is a trifecta, with shots of two additional ladies over the main subject's shoulder in the right of the shot. The nearest lady, with short nearly pure white hair added bigger earrings and big dark sunglasses to complete her look.  The lady behind her with longer, straighter hair with bangs wore her sunglasses atop her head.

We loved this woman's bangs.  They're cut in a completely choppy manner, but they look great on her.  And the lower level bangs are darker than the upper level bangs, and longer, so they're visible.  Remember that commercial? "Does she or doesn't she?  Only her hairdresser knows for sure."?  (Hint: if you're under 50, you probably don't, so don't sweat it.)  Anyway, we didn't ask if she does or doesn't (dye one or the other level), but we love the look.  Her man friend has pretty cool hair, too.

When we met Jean at the Outsider Art Fair earlier this month, we both complimented her on her very short, closely-cropped classic haircut. It can be a difficult look to pull off, but she did it beautifully. Her crystal earrings, light grey top and great short hair all draw your attention to her eyes terrific smile. Love those dimples!

And to close, a gent doing a no holds barred version of the wearing of the gray. You go, guy!


  1. How timely. Like-minds. I just, last week, posted on my blog:

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    2. Lynn, I'm re-phrasing my previous comment. Your posting about your silver hair last week and your musings about your parents struck familiar notes. Hang in there. Jean

  2. These "Silver Foxes" posts always provide great inspiration for the time when I decide to stop colouring my hair. I love Seiko's spikey do, and that fabulous coat on the woman on the train.

  3. A gorgeous display of inspiring white and gray hair! I am also in love with Yoko's hat.

  4. Love your post and all the great pics of the grey-haired ladies. Cool!

  5. All these ladies are beautiful and so are the both of you ...