Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The Eyes Have It

Okay, remember last time we mentioned the tip of the iceberg? Here's what lies beneath. These are just some of the other fabulous eyeglasses, sunglasses and reading glasses we discovered.

Illesteva red and white strips with mirrored lenses.

Illesteva black and white striped "Leonard" frames.

Eyebobs' "Brooklyn Bridge" reading glasses.

Square frames at Illesteva.

Blue square frames at Eyebobs.

Exotic fun from Linda Farrow.

And more blue! (Notice the Eyebobs motto?  "Eyewear for the irreverent and slightly jaded"?)

Linda Farrow cat eye frames.  Or... insect eye frames??? Bzzzzzz!

A minimalist look at Eyebobs.

Linda Farrow metal frames with slits for lenses.

Look familiar???

Maybe they just look great on everybody!

This one is from Eyebobs' line of Iris Apfel glasses.

Linda Farrow cat ear glasses. Meow!

The iconic Linda Farrow black crosses!

Who knew Eyebobs did sunglasses?

Coming to you from this part of the country.  (More Linda Farrow.)

Oh no! The end! Already?

(Linda Farrow lens-free glasses.)


  1. I want some!!! You guys wear them well.

  2. You ladies looked like you were having fun trying on
    a variety of the frames at the Coterie event !! As an
    eyeglass "wearer" I think it is wonderful to see that
    just because one is older does not mean one has to
    have boring frames --they are a very visible and an
    important part of the overall tone of an outfit.Thanks to you both I am planning to wear my turquoise frames
    this spring!! Thank you both for the lovely pictures!

  3. The Linda Farrow metal frames look incredibly cool on both of you. You two have way too much fun....the last shot of Valerie is priceless ;)

  4. Gotta have a pair of those in the last photo!! xxoo