Monday, April 1, 2013

Double Header! Famous for Thirty Minutes Today!

How appropriate that on baseball's Opening Day the Idiosyncratic Fashionstas played a Doubleheader and hit two out of the park! 

We appeared on New York City's WABC-TV's Eyewitness News this evening and on the radio on NPR this morning!  Here's the scoop:

A few weeks ago, we were contacted by Kemberly Richardson of WABC-TV News, who asked to do a short interview with us.Television time is very valuable -- a 30-second Super Bowl commercial in 2013 will cost  around  $4 million per 30-second spot. So, we like to think our 2-minute piece is worth $16 million dollars! (Guess we could call that a "ball-park" figure!)  On air reporter Kemberly does a fabulous job of asking great questions and packing the most possible information into the allotted time. Here, for your viewing pleasure, is our latest television appearance:

On the off chance that you have any trouble viewing the embedded video, here’s an old-fashioned link.


There's a picture of us on National Public Radio today, as part of an interview with Ari Seth Cohen of Advanced Style.

We're the fifth picture in the photo array -- or what we like to refer to as the home team lineup!

Here’s the link.

Now buy us some peanuts and Cracker Jack! And root, root, root for the home team!

For the record, Valerie would like to make a small correction to the video. She is as yet a quinquagenarian, not a sexagenarian, although she is making every effort to upgrade with all due speed.


  1. It was really fun to hear you two speak as you don't sound at all like I imagined! I check your blog everyday and because of it, I'm going to NYC. Hope to see you around the streets. Keep having all the fun you do! Peg

  2. You rocked it, ladies! Makes me proud (as a fellow 60+ member) to today be wearing my multi-pleated Japanese pants with ankle ties, a huge 1980's belt, asymmetrical top, leopard clogs and a huge sterling 1940's brooch I found at a church sale (smile)!

  3. Way to go, ladies! I think you should have your own TV are both so natural on camera, and sound great, too. I'd watch :)

  4. Always great to see you two doing what you do best - setting an example of growing old with pizazz, verve, and killer style! At first I couldn't figure out how there was a photograph of you on National Public Radio (it's radio?) then I saw the website...duh.
    Many congrats and backslapping on the double header!

  5. How fun! You two put the v's in verve. It was so nice to meet you at the Atelier Show for the Artful Home collaboration. Thank you for wearing my jewelry with such style. I also love that you called it Eco-Deco! What a thrilling surprise to see it on your news segment. You two are the best! Hope to see you at the next show.

  6. You two are great for my attitude. You both look a hundred times better--more feminine and elegant--than almost all the under-30's I see every day. This is my first time at your blog, but I'm coming back for more every time you dish it up! xxoo

  7. You made my day here in Ohio where style is less abundant. I will walk proudly and give knowing glances and quick grins to the other 60+ fashionistas who know what we want. Thank you and continued success.