Wednesday, July 4, 2012

We're in the Paper!

PAPER Magazine, that is! That's us, having just bought copies of the Summer 2012 issue (Volume 28 No. 8) aka The Music Issue to commemorate our latest conquest of the world of journalism and fashion (or style, as we prefer to say).

Below, Valerie holds up page 102, featuring our picture along with eight other stylishly dressed individuals in Ask Mr. Mickey.  We're unidentified again, but we know who we are.  And that's our by now iconic photograph (it's been seen in more countries than we've ever visited!), in which we're all bundled up for winter weather.

Bet you want to see that up close. Jean obliges.  Next to our photo (just above Jean's thumb), Paper's Editorial Director (and Lynn Yeager pal) Mickey Boardman said: "Mr. Mickey's look of the month is a parade of elegant elderly gals (and guy) from Advanced Style by Ari Seth Cohen, published by Powerhouse Books."

Here's Valerie showing off the cover.  Since it is the Summer Issue, it should be on the stands longer than just one month, so rush out (yes, RUSH!) and buy a copy!

Jean gives you a closer view.  The cover shot is of singer Azealia Banks who is sporting a gold Mickey Mouse handbag by Todd Pearce for Love Bailey.

Want to see more PAPER pictures of the party (and of us)? Click here.

We thought we should give you some idea of the contents of the magazine. Interestingly enough, we both picked our favorite items and then compared notes, and totally overlapped. (See?  It's true that great minds think alike.)  We both liked this black bathing suit by Chromat with designer Becca McCharen's signature 'cage" design's white structural elements.  Ditto the red with white polka dot Yayoi Kusama bag and collar designed in collaboration with Louis Vuitton's Marc Jacobs. (If you're in the New York area, Kusama is having a show at the Whitney which opens July 12th and runs through September 30th. The show is organized in collaboration with the Tate Modern, London, and is supported by Louis Vuitton.  The red and white is iconic Kusama.)

And we loved this model...  The hot look for summer and fall?  The '80s are back -- and we couldn't be more thrilled.

And we both found this guy to be very interesting -- for his look -- and his comment on the side.

After we took our commemorative photos, we wandered around the East Village today and ran into this woman, who kindly agreed to be photographed.  She was proudly dressed for the holiday.  It's a little hard to see, but to complete her look, she was wearing a silver peace sign on a silver chain around her neck.

We hope everyone had a fabulous Fourth of July!  We did.

What we're wearing:

Jean is wearing an Ignatius black straw hat with de-nuded peacock feather; H&M striped tank top; Rick Owens t-shirt; Indian cotton harem pants; black and white Underground creepers; Revue glasses from Fabulous Fanny's; Tignanello cross-body bag; lucite crystal and dice necklace by designer Kirsten Hawthorne; vintage lucite dice earrings and rings; vintage bakelite rings; black Made Her Think leather bracelet.

Valerie is wearing an unlabeled leather cap, black and white polka dot earrings from Jean's mom, tee shirt of cotton and nylon panels from H&M, unlabeled black straw hat as a necklace, black metal cuffs from Matsuya Ginza, Jones New York pants, Melissa shoes designed by Gareth Pugh.


  1. that is awesome! congrats, im a magazine lover, so i'll look for it next time :))
    +azalea, sweet. recently found out her music

  2. I will run out today and get my copy! Love both your outfits in this post - you've managed to look weather appropriate and brilliantly stylish! Hope you had a wonderful "glorious fourth". As per your comment, I noticed the candy scent of the Melissa sandals, and when I mention it to people, they want to smell them, which is a bit weird ;)

  3. Beautiful, as always. Congrats on being in the paper.

  4. Congratulations! A copy will be in my hands this week. Loving your summer outfits.