Wednesday, April 13, 2011

SOFA NY Art Fair: April 14 - 17

Valerie says: Quick! Before you forget, if you live in the New York area, make yourself a note to visit SOFA (an acronym that stands for Sculptural Objects and Functional Art) this week - Thursday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday (April 14 - 17). If you have a Blackberry, put it in your calendar. If not, write it on the back of your hand, like I always do. I went this evening - sans my partner in crime, who alas was away on business. SOFA was a feast - a cornucopia! - for the eyes. At SOFA one gets the much needed opportunity to revive one's spirits and renew one's faith in the human animal in these dreary and disturbing times.

This is not the time to post too many photos (we'll post too many on Sunday), but I thought you'd like to see this wonderful jacket worn by Masako Dempo Yuki at gallery gen's booth. The jacket is a collaboration by Yoshiaki Yuki (her husband), and the ever-amazing Junichi Arai. Now nearly 80 years old, Arai once created stunning textiles for Issey Miyake, and is still producing technical marvels. Mr. Yuki does the print, Mr. Arai does the textile, and Ms. Motoyoshi designs the style. SOFA is one of the top venues for startlingly original one-of-a-kind artwork in such media as wood, metal, clay, glass, paper, fiber and other materials. If you are tempted to say that's not for you, go anyway and tickle your gray matter.

SOFA artists think outside the box, and often experiment, using conventional materials in highly original ways. SOFA also features classical artists, but they show many of the most celebrated and skilled artisans working today. SOFA will be at the Park Avenue Armory, at Park Avenue and 67th Street, until this Sunday. For more detailed information, including photographs of the art and a list of the participating galleries, click here to view the official SOFA website. If you're not in the New York area, don't despair. SOFA Santa Fe is from August 4 - 7, and the original SOFA Chicago (it's HUGE, so start early and bring comfortable shoes) is from November 4- 6.

Here's the front of Masako's jacket, and Masako in a welcoming gesture. There's one like it in gold at their booth, too.

Remember to write it on the back of your hand! (This photo is from a busy day I had last year.) GO!

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