Sunday, January 2, 2011

1/1/11 Eat Your Wheaties, Sweeties! (The Optimist's Resolution)


We wanted to wish all our friends and followers a very Happy New Year! Eat your Wheaties, Sweeties! 2011 is going to be as fabulous, wild, crazy and wonderful as each one of us chooses to make it. It's hard to believe, but we're already 10% through the first century of the new millenium. We toast you and each other as we start its second decade! (Although we won't be around for the opening of the next century, we want to welcome as many of the next decades as possible.)

Jean says: You've heard of viewing the world "through rose colored glasses". Well, we've chosen to view our future year through our crazy 2011 glasses from St. Mark's Place -- our personal prism of optimism, predicting lots more fun and friendship, fashion and style. 2010 was fabulous and we're looking forward to more good times. Make the most of life. Cherish each moment and live life to the fullest. We only go around once in this body, so we may as well do it in style. Family, friends, pets, causes and charities make the world go round. Each of us has the power to make the journey itself as rewarding as the destination. My personal New Year's resolution? Tone! I joined a gym (for the zillionth time!). Egad, what next? Actual exercise? Stay tuned!

Valerie says: Yeah! What SHE said!

Actually, I have another foot surgery coming up, so I won't be doing any exercising till after that's over. So Jean will be the archetype for good behavior (active, or proactive), and I will - at least for the time being - be the archetype for bad behavior (inactive).

And in case you're wondering 'hey, what's up with the glasses?', remember that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

(photo of Iris Apfel by Bruce Weber; photos of Jean and Valerie by an amenable gent we cajoled at Rock Center)

This is an uncharacteristically short post because Valerie and I are busy delivering gifts and good cheer to everyone in the entire world! Spread the joy.

Valerie's wearing (same as last week) wool hat by Parkhurst, sterling pin by Mladek, vintage earrings, unlabeled Italian leather gloves, felt coat by Tiiti Tolonen, barely visible anemone scarf by Katie Mawson, and OMG! it doesn't look like I'm wearing anything else!

Jean is wearing a Maria D. DelGreco hat with Deco bakelite pin, glasses from Fabulous Fanny's, Marithé et François Girbaud coat, black & white wool Indian scarf, vintage bakelite rings, gold rings, Angela Caputi black resin alligator cuff and Made Her Think black resin studded leather bracelet (holiday present from Jodi Head).


  1. Best wishes to you both--on the exercise and the foot surgery. I'm looking forward to your posts in 2011.

  2. Looking forward to wonderful new year full of Indiosyncratic fun and fashion from two fascinating people.

    larry and janet