Sunday, September 20, 2009

We Walk the Walk: Checking Out the LIC Art Gallery Walk

We ventured into Long Island City Saturday, 9/19 to drool over gallery gen's exquisite textiles, ceramics, scupture, paintings and screens on display at its warehouse gallery. Valerie incorporated into her ensemble a blue linen placemat with India ink design made several years ago by the gallery's owner and chief artist, Yoshiaki Yuki, basting it to the back of the jacket of her white linen Calvin Klein suit (a thrift shop find). After a refreshing cup of mugi cha with charming Masahiko Tasaki, we admired the gorgeous Junichi Arai/Yoshiaki Yuki collaborations (see one above, behind Jean) and the colorfully graphic paintings. Positively dazzled, we set off into the night to explore other galleries.

We jumped off the #7 train and strolled through Space Womb on Jackson Avenue, Local Project on Davis Street, and Dean Project (which had generously donated the free gallery walk map that guided our steps) on 21st Street. We were thrilled to discover a veritable graffiti wonderland down the block from Local Project that covered walls, storefronts, and even trucks in everything from tags to anime in larger than life scale. We gleefully took full advantage of this A list Technicolor and Cinemascope photo op.

Since everything is on the net these days, afterward we googled* Davis Street to discover that there is a website for street art, and a number of entries for Davis Street alone. Click here to see more of the Davis Street graffiti art. If you delete everything in your browser address following the ".org/", you can go to their home page and surf for other fabulous graffiti worldwide.

Jean is wearing a vintage Italian woven pancake hat in black straw, Kyodan peplum jacket, Theory t-shirt, Brigitte harem pants, Lounge Fly bag and Crocs sling-back flats. Valerie, who more than 20 years after the memorable Talking Heads tour is only now getting around to trying out her own smaller version of David Byrne's big white suit, is also wearing a vintage blue Issey Miyake men's hat, modern copy of a blue Chinese Warring States bead, white linen blouse from Sym's, H&M canvas shibori bag, and fabulously comfortable Land's End Mary Jane Trekkers in cornflower blue.

*Does google - the verb - need to be capitalized? Maybe not. When Fraternity of Man sang 'Don't bogart that joint, my friend', were they mentally capitalizing the B?